Through his vast experience and highly established inspiration and motivation,

Assaf has developed a precise model to plan and produce the perfect event for his clientele and their guests.

His extreme focus on nuances, makes every aspect count—the magnificent as well as the miniscule.


Assaf believes that connecting with his clients on an emotional yet professional level is the secret to success.

This idea of customized event planning is, in his words, “the practical art of emotional intelligence”. Assaf’s goal is to ensure that every detail touches to the heart of who you really are, and to what you care most about. Assaf’s ability to relate to his clientele helps direct him to fulfill their dreams while encouraging them to partake in the entire journey. Assaf and his team accompany their clients hand by hand, leading to a lifelong relationship.

Budget and Suppliers

On a practical level, great events are serious enterprises. They require implicit trust, the highest level of organizational skills, long-term relations with the most reliable suppliers and a good measure of creativity. With his patient, warmhearted approach, Assaf balances between diverse wills that inevitably arise. Finding the balance is not a matter of compromise, rather, the ability to transcend the mundane.

The Great Day

At the end of the day, it is easy to splash money, and get a “wow” effect. For us at Assaf Torrez Event Planning, however, success is measured by reflecting your unique spirit, and the surprised delight of “how did they think of that…”

We look forward to the privilege of transforming your dream into a flawless, tailor made and unforgettable reality.